Dandy Dogs Goody Bags
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    Dandy Dogs Goody Bags
    Suggested Age Range: 4 to 10

    Code: DandyDogsGB
    Price: $4.49

    Choose Level:
      Customer Assembles, save $.30/bag!
    Candy Option:
      Add Naughty Dog Keychain $1.49
      Add Bone Candy $.19
      Add Dog Lollipop $.75
      Add Bendable Dog $.99
      Add Fake Rubber Dog Doo $1.19
      Add Puppy Tattoo $.19
      Add Dog Stamper $.39
      Add Additional Plush Dog Finger Puppet $1.19

    Quantity in Basket: None

    Man's best friend? Who could say no to this adorable Goody Bag?! From a cute Dog Memo Pad to an adorable Dog Rubber Ducky, this bag will have dog lovers howling with joy! Perfect for your "The Secret Life of Pets" party.

    $4.49 Standard Dandy Dogs goody bag includes: Pawprint Stationery Set, Dog Memo Pad, Plush Dog Finger Puppet, 2.5" Dog Figure, Dog Rubber Ducky, Paw Print Bracelet.

    $5.49 for Deluxe goody bag add: 1.5" Big Head Puppy & 3.5" Paw Print Playing Cards.

    $6.99 for Supersize goody bag add: Dog Stamper, Bendable Dog, Pawprint Mini Coil Spring.

    Rarely, an item in a goody bag is out of stock or discontinued and may be replaced with an item of equal or higher value.