Jungle/Zoo Animals Goody Bags
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    Jungle/Zoo Animals Goody Bags
    Suggested Age Range: 4 to 8

    Code: JungleAnGB
    Price: $4.49

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      Customer Assembles, save $.30/bag!
    Candy Option:
      Add Jungle Animal Yo Yo $.59
      Add Animal Nose $1.19
      Add Zoo Animal Lollipop $.75
      Add Safari Tattoo $.29
      Add Neon Monkey Rubber Bracelet $.49
      Add Zoo Animals Water Toy $1.79
      Add Monkey Character Key Chain $.99
      Add Panda Character Key Chain $.99

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    Shhh ... Dangerous jungle animals are lurking around every corner!! A safari full of fun in every bag!!

    $4.49 Standard Jungle/Zoo Animals goody bag includes: Jungle Memo Pad, 4" Bendable Jungle Animal, Animal Camera, 6" Zoo Animal Clapper, Zoo Animal Stationery Set, Zoo Animal Finger Puppet.

    $5.49 for Deluxe goody bag add: Jungle Animal Parachutist, Zoo Animals Slap Bracelet.

    $6.99 for Supersize goody bag add: Zoo Animal Color Set, Jungle Animal Hedge Ball, Zoo Animal Bubbles, Jungle Animal Tattoo.

    Rarely, an item is out of stock or discontinued and may be replaced with another item of equal or higher value.