Partypalooza was started in 1997 by Sharon Ardito, a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom.

It all began 4 years earlier when she hosted her son's 1st birthday party. She enjoyed making up games, planning the party's pace, buying and making decorations, but especially, designing the Goody Bags!

Friends started asking for help with their Goody Bags & parties, and then friends of those friends asked for help as well. So, in 1997 she decided to make a business of it.

The first advertisement was placed in a local parenting newspaper in September of 1997 and orders started coming in. In February of 1998, her husband, Bob, created a website and to their delight, there were even more orders, this time from all over the country!

A few years later Inc expanded, selling separately the small toys and inflatables which make our pre-made Goody Bags so spectacular! So now, Christmas time means Stocking Stuffers and Easter means Easter Basket Stuffers, and there's plenty of choices for those who want to make their own Goody Bags.

For the past 2 years we've expanded even more, selling plates, napkins & party goods to make us a one-stop shopping destination. We currently offer nearly 2500 products and we're adding more every week.

We now provide toys & novelties to a wide array of Municipalities, Fortune 500 Corporations, Doctors & Dentists, Schools, Churches, Universities, US Government Agencies, Camps, and of course, Moms.