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Popcorn relay - Set up two trick or treat buckets or bowls, using the largest ones you can find. Purchase or make enough popcorn to fill the bowls at least twice each. Divide players into two teams. Team members take turns scooping mugs of popcorn from a popcorn reservoir and running it to fill their team bucket or bowl. First team to fill their bowl wins. If you play this game early in the party, you can use the popcorn for a snack.

Guess the ghost - Take an old, white flat bed sheet and drape it over someone sitting on a chair. Lightly mark the location of their eyes and mouth. Remove the sheet and cut out small holes for the eyes and mouth. This is your ghost sheet. To play this game, you need to have a few rooms to use. Divide players into two teams of at least four to five players each, more is better. One team leaves the room. One member of the other team sits on the chair and wears the ghost sheet. Remaining team members will hide out in another room or even outside. Once the ghost person is under the sheet and his team members have left the room, the first team returns. They take turns asking the ghost questions until they can guess the identity of the ghost person by voice, eyes and mouth. Teams take turns until each person has had a turn being the ghost or until players want a new game.
Mummy wrap-Have on hand one roll of toilet tissue per party guest or ask each guest to bring a roll of toilet tissue. Divide guests up into teams of three to five people. Select one person to be the mummy. The remaining team members will be the wrappers. On go, the wrappers “bandage” the mummy with the rolls of toilet tissue. The first team to completely wrap their mummy is the winner. Tell wrappers not to cover the mummy's mouth and to be careful near the eyes, so no one gets hurt.

Bag of bones - Using 8.5 x 11 in. white cardstock, cut out several simple skeletons. Cut the skeletons into pieces, for example: the head, the torso, the hips, the legs, the feet, the arms, the hands. Place each set of pieces into white paper lunch bags, which you can decorate and label “Bag of Bones.” To play the game: Each player will need a drinking straw for "sucking up" the pieces. The game can be played with teams or individuals. Players dump their bones out onto a table or counter top. Then using the straw they pick up the bones and take them to another table or counter top. If a player drops a bone, they can stop where they are, pick it up and use the straw to hold it again. The first player or team to get all of their bones moved and reassembled correctly wins. When playing with teams, players take turns carrying the bones, one at a time.
Or, play as directed above, except use a mini cauldron to place the ingredients for the “Witch’s Brew.” Instead of bones, cut ingredients, such as the following, from colored cardstock: two eyeballs, a worm, a feather, a dragon’s heart, a lizard’s tail, a leaf, a vial of blood, a rat, and a flower. Players carry the items with their straw and place them in the cauldron. First player or team to complete the recipe wins.

Pin the fangs on Dracula - Play this game just like pin the tail on the donkey except you pin the fangs on Dracula.

Pumpkin bowling - For the bowling ball, use a small round pumpkin with the stem trimmed down to allow the pumpkin to roll across the floor. As the pins, use clean two liter drink bottles with a few inches of water in them so they can stand securely or some gooseneck gourds. Set up the pins and roll the pumpkin to knock them over. This is a good game to have lying about for guests to play whenever.

Out of your gourd - Players sit in a circle. The first person holds a seasonal gourd and tells incorrectly what they’re costumed as. For example, the person dressed as a witch says, “I am a scarecrow.” Then they pass the gourd to the next person. The second player responds, “Are you out of your gourd?” Then they tell incorrectly what they are dressed as and pass the gourd to the next person. The third person responds, “Are you out of your gourd?” Then they tell what they are dressed as and pass the gourd. This continues to the next player, and so on down the line. This should be done as quickly as possible. Players go out for correctly stating what they are dressed as, laughing when they ask, “Are you out of your gourd?” and for failing to pass the gourd to the next person. Continue to play until only two people remain as the winners.

Scarecrow race - Collect two of each of the following items: small bale of hay, oversized denim overalls, straw hat, oversized flannel shirt, stuffed crow. Each team gets a set of the items. One team member will be the scarecrow. On go, the scarecrow puts on the shirt, overalls and hat. Then the other team members stuff the scarecrow with hay. Be the first team to stuff the scarecrow and balance the crow on the scarecrows shoulder!

Guess the weight of the pumpkin - Purchase a large pumpkin and save the receipt showing the weight. Let party goers take a guess at the weight. Award a prize, such as the pumpkin itself, to the person closest to the actual weight without going over.

Frankenstein’s Lab - Build the monster, but first you have to find all of the pieces. Shred a bunch of old newspaper and create a “haystack” to hide the pieces of the monster. Monster pieces can be cut from felt squares and made as simply or elaborately as you wish. Monster pieces should be no smaller than four inches by four inches so that they won’t be lost in the haystack. Suggested pieces to make: a head, a neck with bolts sticking out, a torso, a brain, a heart, arms, and legs. If you have a felt board, players can assemble the monster as they find the pieces. This is a cooperative game that can be played over and over. Just toss the pieces in the haystack and stir it up to start again.

Holiday obstacle course - Create a fun obstacle course using items from around the house and some Halloween related items thrown in for holiday fun.

Some suggestions for obstacle course:

  • Roll a mini pumpkin with your nose while crawling on all fours.
  • Balance a Halloween beach ball on a wooden paint stirring stick.
  • Slalom mini orange game cones while hopping on one foot.
  • Limbo under a broom stick.
  • Have players assemble a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin. Poke holes into a pumpkin where players can stick the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and other Mr. Potato Head pieces.
  • Army crawl under a small kids table.
  • Walk like a zombie.
  • Throw a few kick balls into a Halloween candy bucket.
  • Bounce a paddleball a certain number of times.

All Eyes on the Spoons race - Make egg eyeballs from hard-cook eggs, enough for one per player plus a few extras just in case. Roll the eggs and press gently to crackle the shell. Dip the crackled eggs in a cup of water colored with red food dye and a teaspoon of vinegar until the shells are dyed. Pat dry then peel. Attach a stuffed green olive to the wider end of the egg using a toothpick. Give each player a spoon to hold their egg eyeball. Players race from the starting line, trying not to drop their eyeballs, and back again.

Body Box - Are you brave enough to stick your hand in the body box and feel what’s inside? Make the Body Box with an old cardboard box. Cut out a circle just big enough to stick a hand through easily. The inside of the box should be painted black or lined with black construction paper. The outside of the box can be left as is or decorated for the holiday. On the side of the box opposite the hand sized hole, make a flap by cutting three sides of a rectangle. The flap opening will be used to insert and remove the body parts that only brave souls will feel.
The following items should be placed in baggies for use in the body box. Try to insert and remove baggies without guests seeing the real contents.

  1. Eyeballs can be made of frozen grapes.
  2. Bones can be sculpted from carrots using a vegetable peeler.
  3. The brain can be made from pasta. Cook a few ounces of spaghetti according to package directions. Drain well and place into a bowl. Refrigerate until party time. The pasta starch will glue the spaghetti together. Carefully pop the pasta out of the bowl and into the baggie.
  4. Guts can be made from assorted items and tossed together in the baggie. Corn, syrup, diced onions, cooked carrots, oatmeal, ketchup, flour, etc.
  5. A severed hand can be made by filling a disposable latex or non-latex glove with uncooked rice.

As guests reach in tell them what body part they are touching. Squeamish or unsure guests can be told that only food items are contained in the box.

For a little mischievous fun, let the last person touch one more item - your hand. When you remove the last baggie, put your own hand in, palm side up. When the other person reaches in, close your hand on theirs!

Crazy Costume relay race - Collect two of each of the following items: large trick or treat bag or pillowcase, costume hat or wig, clown nose sunglasses, oversized pair of sweat pants, oversized Halloween T-shirt or sweatshirt. Divide party guests into two teams. Mark a starting line and a finish line at least 15 feet apart. Teams line up single file at the starting line with the first person holding the trick or treat bag or pillowcase stuffed with the other items. The first person carries the bag to the finish line, unpacks the contents and puts on all of the items in the bag. They run back to the starting line, take off the items, repack the bag and hand it to the next person in line. Repeat the process until all players have had a turn.