Here's a great DIY activity for tweens and teens!

You can turn old and/or cheap picture frames into dry erase boards as a craft activity at a birthday party. Purchase inexpensive photo frames of any sort as long as they have glass front. Yard sales or thrift stores may have assorted frames if you don't mind different styles and sizes. Remove any papers, labels, photos or matte frames from within the frame.

At party time, tweens and teens can decorate a plain white sheet of paper cut to fit the frame. Add some stickers or simple designs, but make sure to leave some areas blank to allow for writing space. Once they're done with the paper insert, place it into the photo frame. Embellishments can be added to the frame itself, too!

Send guests home with a dry erase marker and their new dry erase frame. Dry erase marker will write on the glass and wipe off easily with paper towels or a piece of felt fabric.

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