Patriotic Parade Pack Bundle
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Patriotic Parade Pack Bundle

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Going to a patriotic parade, 4th of July celebration or Memorial Day event? This is the perfect accompaniment to complete your special day! A bagful of stars and stripes fun for all!

$9.99 Patriotic Parade Pack includes: USA Lanyard, Patriotic Headbopper, Stars and Stripes Folding Fan, 3 33" Patriotic Necklaces (one red, one white and one blue!), Rubber Patriotic Sayings Bracelet, 6" Stars and Stripes Flipstick, 20" Stars and Stripes Bandanna, 2 US Flag Wristband, Patriotic Tattoo, and Patriotic Slap Bracelet. All the items for the Patriotic Parade Pack are put inside the 13.5" x 9.5" US Flag Drawstring Bag.