Partypalooza Fun Bundle 7
Code: FB07

Partypalooza Fun Bundle 7

Suggested Age Range: 4-12
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Product Description

Whoever loves Neon will love this Fun Bundle. Lots of great stuff here.

$19.99 Partypalooza Fun Bundle 7 includes: Pair of Neon Fingerless Fishnet Wrist Gloves, Pair of Neon Leg Warmers, Polka Dot Slap Bracelet, Neon Headband, Pair of Neon Shoelaces, Flip Flop-Shaped Playing Cards, Fiesta Flower Hair Clip, Nail Jewels, 3" Flicker Backpack Keychain, Button Mirror Keychain, Flip Sequin Butterfly Keychain, Foam Relaxable Owl Squeeze Ball, and Vinyl Penguin Keychain Collectible.