Partypalooza Fun Bundle 8
Code: FB08

Partypalooza Fun Bundle 8

Suggested Age Range: 4-12
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Product Description

Lots of great items in this Fun Bundle. Play tricks or spy on your friends.

$19.99 Partypalooza Fun Bundle 8 includes: Whoopie Cushion, Construction Cone Stress Toy, Color Brick Nylon Velcro Tri-Fold Wallet, Spy Look-Behind Sunglasses, Spy Mirror, Sheet of 1" - 1.3/4" Fingerstaches, Earth Hi Bounce Ball, Magic Trick Playing Cards, Magic Growing Jungle Animal Capsule, Vinyl Camouflage Kick Ball, Make-Your-Own-Ball Kit, Glow-In-the-Dark Suction Ball, and Carabiner Compass Keychain.