Inflatables FAQs

Q. How big are the inflatable items?

A. Inflatables are measured flat & uninflated so their size when inflated will be somewhat smaller than the listed measurements depending on the shape of the item. Figure about 85% to 90% of the listed size.

Q. Are Beach Balls measured the same way?

A. Most of our beach balls are measured the same way. Because beach balls are spheres, the listed measurement would be the distance from pole-to-pole, or half the circumference for you math majors out there. The standard size beach ball is 16" pole-to-pole and will come in at approximately 10" to 11" in diameter. Some of our beach balls are listed as their actual inflated diameter. Usually these will be listed as 12", 13" or 14". If the exact size of a beach ball is very important to you, call us & we'll try to get an actual measurement for the particular beach ball you're interested in.

Q. Can inflatables be filled with helium?

A. Although the inflatables can be filled with helium, they will be too heavy to float because of the thickness of the vinyl.

Q. What are the inflatables made of?

A. All of our inflatables are made of high quality vinyl - the same material as a beach ball.

Q. Are they shipped inflated?

A. No, all of our inflatables will require inflation upon delivery.

Q. How do I blow them up? Do I need a pump?

A. Most of our inflatables can be blown up by mouth, but if you're inflating lots of smaller ones or some of our very large ones (over 48"), then a pump may come in handy. If you choose to use a pump, you MUST use a low-pressure electric or hand pump (like the ones used for inflating air mattresses). Bicycle pumps and compressors designed for inflating balloons should not be used. They will pop seams or create small leaks that will cause the inflatables to leak over time.

Q. What types of pumps do you sell and how are they different?

A. We don't currently sell any pumps suitable for use for inflatables.